Croatian Covers

Note that all book covers are copyright their publishers and the artwork is copyright of the artist.

(Croatian front Cover The Vor Game) Vorska Igra (The Vor Game), ISBN 953-6166-89-5, translated by Milena Benini

(Croatian front Cover The Warrior's Apprentice) Pripravnik za ratnika (The Warrior's Apprentice), ISBN 953-6166-87-9, unauthorized translation by Mihaela Velina

(Croatian front Cover Cetaganda) (Croatian back Cover Cetaganda) (Croatian both Cover Cetaganda) Cetaganda (Cetaganda), ISBN 953-6166-92-5, translated by Milena Benini

(Croatian front Cover Brothers in Arms) (Croatian back Cover Brothers in Arms) (Croatian both Cover Brothers in Arms) Braca po oruzju (Brothers in Arms), ISBN 953-6166-88-7, translated by Milena Benini-Getz

(Croatian front Cover Borders of Infinity) (Croatian back Cover Borders of Infinity) (Croatian both Cover Borders of Infinity) Granice vjecnosti (Borders of Infinity), ISBN 953-6450-57-7,translated by Martina Gra anin

(Croatian front Cover Mirror Dance) Ples zrcala (Mirror Dance), ISBN 953-6450-54-2, translated by Milena Benini-Getz

(Croatian front Cover Memory) Pamcenje (Memory), ISBN 953-6450-56-9, translated by Dubravka Petrovi

(Croatian front Cover ) 2001, Komarr (Komarr), ISBN 953-6450-97-6, translated by Vida Lapaine

(Croatian front Cover A Civil Campaign) 2002, Gradjanska duznost (A Civil Campaign), ISBN 953-2200-38-X, translated by Martina Anicic. (Apr 02)

(Croatian front Cover Winterfair Gifts) 2003, Zimoslavni darovi (Winterfair Gifts), ISBN 953-220-092-4, translated by Martina Anicic (before english publication)

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