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Note that all book covers are copyright their publishers and the artwork is copyright of the artist.

Published by "J'ai lu" France. All covers by CAZA, unless otherwise noted.

(French Cover Falling Free) Operation Cay (Falling Free) ISBN 2-290-04511-X translated by Geneviève Blattmann. Published 1997.

(French Cover Barrayar) Barrayar (Barrayar) ISBN 2-277-23454-0 translated by translated by Michel Deutsch. Published 1993.

(French Cover Shards of Honor) Codelia Vorkosigan (Shards of Honor) ISBN 2-277-23687-X translated by Michel Deutsch. Published 1994.

(French Cover Warrior Apprentice) L'Apprentissage du Guerrier (The Warrior Apprentice) ISBN 2-290-04376-1 translated by Geneviève Blattman. Published 1997.

(French Cover The Vor Game) Miles Vorkosigan (The Vor Game) ISBN 2-277-23288-2 translated by Arlette Rosenblum. Published 1992.

(French Cover Cetaganda) Cetaganda (Cetaganda) ISBN 2-290-04640-X translated by Bernadette Emerich and Alfred Ramani. Published 1998.

(French Cover Ethan of Athos) Ethan d'Athos (Ethan of Athos) ISBN 2-290-04640-X translated by Geneviève Blattman. Published 1997

(French Cover Brother's in Arms) Un Clone Encombrant (Brothers in Arms) ISBN 2-277-23925-9 translated by Paul Benita. Published 1997.

(French Cover Borders of Infinity) Les frontières de l'infini (Borders of infinity) ISBN 2-290-05001-6 translated by Bernadette Emerich. Cover by Philippe Jozelon. Published 1998.

(French Cover Mirror Dance) La Danse du Miroir (Mirror Dance) ISBN 2-277-24025-7 translated by Paul Benita. Published 1994.

(French Cover Memory) Memory (Memory), ISBN 2-290-05230-2, translated by Genevieve Blattmann (May 99)

(French Cover Komarr) Komarr (Komarr), ISBN 2-290-30281-3, translated by Henri Letissier. Published 2000

(French Cover The Spirit Ring) L'Esprit de L'Anneau Profane (Spirit Ring) ISBN 2-277-23762-0 translated by Iawa Tate. Published 1994.

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