Japanese Covers

Note that all book covers are copyright their publishers and the artwork is copyright of the artist.

(Japanese Cover Brothers in Arms) Shin'ai naru Kuroun (Brothers in Arms), ISBN 4-488-69803-4, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (1 Dec 93)

(Japanese Cover Barrayar) Barayaa Nairan (Barrayar), ISBN 4-488-69807-7, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (1 Dec 00)

(Japanese Cover The Spirit Ring) Supiritto Ringu (The Spirit Ring), ISBN 4-488-58701-1, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (1 Jan 01)

(Japanese Cover Cetaganda) Tenkuu no Isan (Cetaganda), ISBN 4-488-69809-5, translated by Ayako Ogiso (Sep 01)

(Japanese Cover Mirror Dance) (Japanese Cover Mirror Dance) Printed in two volumes. (Japanese Covers Mirror Dance) Miraa Dansu (Mirror Dance), ISBN 4-488-69809-3 and 4-488-69810-7, published in two volumes. Translated by Ayako Ogiso (Jul 02)

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