Polish Covers

Note that all book covers are copyright their publishers and the artwork is copyright of the artist.

They are published by Proszynski i Ska, unless otherwise noted and the Illustrations are by Piotr Lukaszewski, and they are translated by Paulina Braiter, unless otherwise noted.

(Polish Cover Falling Free) Stan niewolnosci (Falling Free) ISBN 83-7180-143-2, translation by Anna Dorota Kaminska (Nov 97)

(Polish Cover Shards of Honor) Strzepy Honoru (Shards of Honor) ISBN 83-86669-72-1

(Polish Cover Barrayar) Barrayar (Barrayar) ISBN 83-86669-77-5

(Polish Cover The Warrior's Apprentice) Uczen wojownika (Warrior's Apprentice) ISBN 83-7180-185-8, translated by Marcin Szczerbic (May 98)

(Polish Cover The Vor Game) Gra (The Vor Game), ISBN 83-7180-479-2, translated by Patrycja Fiodorow, (Aug 99)

(Polish Cover Borders of Infinity) Granice nieskonczonosci (Borders of Infinity) ISBN 83-7180-707-4, translated by Magdalena Gawlik & Dorota Malinowska (May 98)

(Polish Cover Brothers in Arms) Towarzysze broni (Brothers in Arms), ISBN 83-7180-354-0, translated by Bartosz Grudowski, Piotr Szymczak (11 Dec 98)

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