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Note that all book covers are copyright their publishers and the artwork is copyright of the artist.

Published by NOVA Ciencia Ficcion (Barcelona, Spain)

All of the covers were scanned by Antonio de la Torre ( Antonio has now created his own set of Spanish webpages devoted to Lois McMaster Bujold, which include copies of these covers.

(Spanish Cover Barrayar) Barrayar (Barrayar) ISBN 84-406-4019-6, translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition February 1994.

(Spanish Cover 2nd edition Barrayar) Barrayar (Barrayar) ISBN 84-406-9081-9, translated by Margara Auerbach. Second edition March 1999.

(Spanish Cover Warrior Apprentice) El Aprendiz de Guerrero (The Warrior Apprentice) ISBN 84-406-1783-6, translated by Paola Tizzano. First edition February 1991. Cover art by Oscar Chichoni.

(Spanish Cover Borders of Infinity) Fronteras del Infinito (Borders of Infinity) ISBN 84-406-2526-X translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition March 1992.

(Spanish Cover The Vor Game) El Juego de los Vor (The Vor Game) ISBN 84-406-3538-5 translated by Adriana Oklander. First edition June 1993. Cover art by Eloy Sanchez-Vizcaino.

(Spanish Cover Cetaganda) Cetaganda (Cetaganda) ISBN 84-406-6715-9, translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition October 1996.

(Spanish Cover Ethan of Athos) Ethan de Athos (Ethan of Athos) ISBN 84-406-4414-0, translated by Rafael Martín Trechera. First edition February 1998. Cover art by Maya & Cardil.

(Spanish Cover Mirror Dance) Danza de espejos (Mirror Dance) ISBN 84-406-5835-4, translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition October 1995.

(Spanish Cover Memory) Recuerdos (Memory) ISBN 84-406-8721-4, translated by Rafael Marín. First edition September 1998.

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