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The Bujold Cover Archive would not be what it is, with out the assistance of the following people.

Lois McMaster Bujold (
Without whom there would be no such site! If Lois had not written the books, none of the artists would have had to create these covers.
If you have provided cover art and are not listed below please let me know, and I will add your name.

Baen Books,, EosBooks, Fictionwise, NESFA and The Reader's Chair
Provided the US covers.

Antonio de la Torre (
Provided the Spanish covers.

Sergey Zhatchenko (
Provided most of the Russian covers.

Greg Shashkoff (
Provided the later Russian covers.

Marie-Saskia Raynal (
Provided most of the French covers.

Herstal (
Provided other french covers.

Jo 'Asia (
Provided the Polish covers.

Marcel de Graaff (
Provided the Dutch cover.

drug Amar (
Provided the Croatian covers.

Simon Kempster
Provided most of the British Headline covers.

Amazon (Germany)
For the German covers

Amazon (Japan)
For the Japanese covers

The Internet Bookshop
Provided the Pan UK covers, and the option of buying UK books via the Net

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