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Pegasus Mail Links

There are a number of Web sites around the world which have material which would be useful, to users of David Harris's Pegasus Mail program. This page attemps to link to as many of these as possible! Please feel free to send other suggestions to the address below.

The Official Pegasus Mail Web Site
The Technical Support Knowledge Base
Guide to Pegasus Mail Addons List
The (Un)Official Pegasus Mail Support Site
German Language (unofficial) Pegasus Mail Support Site
Pegasus Mail Tips, Tricks and Secrets
Han van den Bogaerde's - Pegasus Mail
Han vanden Bogaerde's - Pegasus Mail File Extensions
How to setup Pegasus Mail for DOS as an Email Client
Email for DOS
Interguru's E-Mail Address Conversions
David J. Kocmoud - Pegasus Mail and Mercury
Bob Jonkman - A Tribute to Pegasus Mail
Short Stop's Pegasus Mail Page
Jerry Wise's Pegasus Mail Info

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Last Updated: 5 May 2005