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The Dendarii Nexus - Webmaster Link Page

The following pages go to sites that are useful to budding Webmasters. I use all the sites linked to, on occasion. The pieces of Windows software listed at the end have also been very useful. If you find other links, let me know and I MAY add them.

Open Directory Project
A Human created Resource to index the web.
FreeFind - Site Search
Index your whole website.
Website Content Management and Site Search.
World Wide Web Consortium
The WWW Standards body.
The W3C now have link checking and code validation for HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS.
The Web Standards Project
Getting everyone to use W3C standards.
Browser Archive
Copies of the old browsers, unavailable else where.
Graham Nasby's List of Browsers
A list of almost every browser around prior to June 2000.
Another Browser List
This is more up to date and includes recent browsers.
Browser Emulator
Deja Vu (re-)creating the web as we remembered it.
Lynda.com - Web Design
One of the best sites for info on how to use graphics in web design.
Designs by Mark
Photoshop Tips and other graphical tutorials.
Home Page Design
Jakob Nielsen's Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability
A List Apart
For People Who Make Websites. From Pixels to Prosse, Coding to Content.
Web Development Virtual Library
With reference material for webmaster.
Free website TuneUp (20 pages only free).
Preflight Report, extensive useability report.
Search and Metadata Solution.
Website Accessibility and Useability Testing.
Check Accessibility, downloadable software also available (no longer free).
HTML Tidy Utility
Clean up your web pages with Dave Raggett's utility. Available for various operating systems.
HTML Tidy Validation
Check the W3C validity of your web pages on the web.
What is my IP?
This site allows you to determin what IP address the rest of the world sees, when you are connected to the internet.
A Win 95 HTML text editor and validator, includes HTML Tidy code see above.
Xenu Link Slueth
For Win 95 - check your web links.
Turn Text FAQs into HTML.
HTML Validator Lite
For Win 95 - This FREE utility, checks for Valid HTML.
The Original text browser, available for Win95 see also lynx.browser.org.
Force9 - ISP
Provides everything you need from an ISP inc CGI, PHP, MySQL for very low cost. Could be used just for hosting out side the UK!
The Future Made Easy
easily.co.uk provides cheap web and mail aliasing for .com, .net .info and .co.uk addresses (only 20 mail fowards). Also low cost hosting
Lowest cost for minimal registration, but higher cost for aditional facilities. Ad banner inserted in frames web forwarding.
UK Reg
Provides 100 email forwards and a default, also 10 virtual hosts via frames for the lowest amount.
Just the Name
Slightly more expensive but better email forwarding options. Virtual website for extra money.
1 & 1
Domain registration and other services.

Get your domain name before it's too late!
Please see our site for price details

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