10 Barrayaran Marks

The 10 Mark note depicts Vorkosigan Surleau. This picture of the lake and old fortifications at the Vorkosigan estate was commissioned by Emperor Gregor Vorbarra to commemorate  Prime Minister Aral Vorkosiganís sixtieth birthday in recognition of the many contributions of the Vorkosigan family to the Imperium. 
It is also imprinted with the Barrayaran Planetary crest and the English language statement in Barrayaran cyrillic, "Emperor Gregor Vorbarra, long may he reign." 

10 Barrayaran Mark
Three are three different versions of this denomination. Each bears a different figure from Barrayaran folklore. The figure on this 10 Mark is Ivanovitch the Vorturtle. 
It also lists the planets of the Barrayaran Empire next to their planetary crests. 

Reverse 10 Barrayaran Mark