Vorkosigan family crest images

I've been wanting to do an image of the Vorkosigan family crest: a stylized maple leaf over three peaks, in silver on brown. I finally sat down yesterday and today and played with Gimp to see what would happen (I'm learning Gimp, too). I'd like to offer the results for your enjoyment. I hereby give permission for the images to be uploaded to the Dendarii site archive, and for them to be used in websites and the like if you want to. I now have Vorkosigan wallpaper on my desktop!

The URLs for the images, which are all in PNG format, are:

Crest (17kb)
Crest (99kb)
Crest (50kb)
Crest (120kb)
The following are B&W and grey-on-grey, suitable for watermarking or web-page backgrounds.
Crest (3kb)
Crest (3kb)
Crest (3kb)
Crest (3kb)

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