ImpSec Eyes of Hourus

The following are examples of the ImpSec "eyes" worn by Miles Vorkosigan and Simon Illyan. They were based on the following quotation from Memory.

[he] set about transferring his ImpSec silver eyes to their place on the collar... [bit deleted]...the eye-of-Horus pins, built up in molecular layers of tarnish-proof silver in a hidden pattern, were issued one set (right- and left-facing) to a soldier.
They were originally created in July and August 1996 as part of The Bujold Nexus. They were removed due to space constraints and mislaid. They were added to the Fan Art archive in June 2000.

The GIFs in the first section were designed by Stephanie G. Folse (

White background Left Eye Right Eye

White transparent Left Eye Right Eye

Left EyeThese seem a better size Right Eye

Left EyeBullet

Right EyeBullet

Those in this second section were designed by Steve McIntyre ( Winking Eye A winking/animated GIF

Small Horus A small horus GIF

Left HorusA Pair of EyesRight Horus

Current version by Michael Bernardi,

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