The Night Before Winterfair

by Eric M. Snodgrass

Appeared on the AOL Lois McMaster Bujold message board 24 Dec 1997

Twas the night before Winterfair at Vorkosigan House
Not a creature was stirring, not Zap or a mouse

House uniforms hung in the closets with care
For the Great Ball tomorrow, all will be there.

When down in the entry there rose such a clatter
Miles rushed down to see what was the matter

There in the foyer leaned "Dear Cousin" Ivan
Clearly in no shape to consider driving

"I think" Ivan said "That it might be best"
If I stayed here tonight and got me some rest

Cause if I went home, the neighbors'd be disturbed
And my mother would hear, and she'd be perturbed

"Ahem" then was heard at which Ivan did frown
He didn't know the Countess had come back to town

"Hello My Lady" he said, trying to make slurred speech quicker
Cordelia nodded, and tried not to snicker

Then she called on two armsmen to help him to bed
Once he was gone she laughed, shaking her head

She said "That is what comes from drinking unnatural
Happy Winterfair to all, except perhaps Vorpatril.

© 1997 by Eric M. Snodgrass (

Current version by Michael Bernardi,

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