Molly McMaster and The Colossal Colon

Lois's niece Molly McMaster recovered from Colon Cancer a few years ago. Lois asked that the following be included here.

From: Molly McMaster
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 7:21 PM
Subject: COLONS

Hey Guys!!!

Here is a story that was just posted on MSN. Click the link and read the story, then, please find the "e-mail this story to a friend" button on the bottom, and send it out to a friend or two (or ten). The more times it's e-mailed out, the higher on the list it goes, and the more people will see it!!!

One woman's Battle with Colon Cancer

DC is going great! Media has been fantastic, and we're having a great time!!!

The Colossal Colon is going on Tour!

See also Dave Barry's account of his visit to The Colossal Colon when it was in Miami. It appeared in The Miami Herald on 27 April 2003.

Lois's niece Molly McMaster is involved in a new project

Hey Everyone...

Here's the thing. (There's always a thing, you know?) I'm up to "crazy things" again for Colon Cancer Awareness Month, which, hopefully you all know is March. This time around, it's a biggie, LITERALLY! We're building The Colossal Colon, a large colon to crawl through, and learn about colon cancer. I know, I know. It sounds disgusting, but I promise, it's going to be great!

We've got the support of a few drug companies, which will foot most of the $60,000 bill that we need to raise in order to build the Colossal Colon, but I'm here again, beggin' for money to fill in the last few thousand. If you can spare $5 or $10 bucks, that's all I ask. (I'm getting really bad at this, aren't I? Blame Hannah!) You can donate online at the Rolling to Recovery website or go directly to

Keep checking the R2R website for changes, and I hope to see you at the Colon! Molly

March 2002

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