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I decided to create this page when I discovered how hard it was to find information on how to connect to Demon using Linux. It lists web pages which have information which are particularly useful to Demon subscribers. Note these are all links to information, not to specific software. Most are aimed at Demon users in particular and new users of Linux in general.

This page was originally created in February 1999, at that time, five years ago, Linux was a lot harder to install, setup and configure than it is now. With improvments to both the commandline and GUI tools that allow you to connect to the Internet via modem or network connection (including ADSL usb) many of these site are unneeded.

NB I now have no connection to Demon except as an ex-customer.

Connecting Unix to Demon This gives details for various different flavours of Unix, including Linux, by Paul Civata [16 Aug 97]

ISP FAQ for uk.comp.os.linux This is a FAQ for ISP users in the UK giving details of connecting from Linux (or indeed anything other than Windows/Mac) to UK ISPs using the sort of accounts that home users might want, by Keith Matthews [20 Feb 02]

Connecting Linux to Demon Express - The Demon Linux ADSL FAQ by David Killick [30 Jul 03]

Using a Conexant PCI ADSL Modem with RedHat Linux by David Cutting

Using Solaris, Not linux but... Info on connecting to several UK ISPs, including Demon, (plus a generic guide) by Mike Mann [30 Jan 00]

Connecting a Linux box to Demon Internet including config of Innd and sendmail by Stefan Davids

ISDN with Linux by WiZdom [10 Nov 03]

Perl Scripts for Demon Users by Andrew M. Bishop [12 Nov 98]

be.yourself@demon.internet by Jos van Santen [28 Aug 00]

Darren Miller's Home page Gives out of date help on connecting linux to Demon and how to configure sendmail. [13 Mar 03]

Linux Format is the current Linux magazine from Future Publishing.

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Last updated: 14 March 2004