Bujold in Haiku

by Nicholas Rosen

This was originally posted to the lois-bujold mailing list in January 2001. New haiku have been added as Lois has written new books. They were added to Lois' entry to the Baen Free library (The Mountains of Mourning) in June 2002. Also in June 2002, haiku for the shorter stories were added. Additional haiku have been added as Lois writes more stories.

Falling Free
Quaddies property.
The Lion Count disapproves.
Quaddies falling free.

Shards of Honor
Enemies at dawn.
Soldiers on opposing sides.
Night falls on their love.

Marriage brings stresses;
So often, by tradition,
Wives shop to relax.

The Warrior's Apprentice
Dwarf flunks physical.
Unfit for Academy.
Fit to lead army.

The Mountains of Mourning
Mourn for a child killed.
Ancient ways begin to change --
Do not mourn their loss.

The Vor Game
Dubious ensign,
Again brilliant admiral,
Later lieutenant.

Miles saves the empire,
But not quite as usual:
Different empire.

Ethan of Athos
Known to be in need
Of ovaries; saved also
By women's virtues.

The minotaur lurks,
A newer Theseus visits --
What will come of it?

The Borders of Infinity
Mystery hidden
In plain sight; be unsurprised
When all becomes clear.

Brothers in Arms
The evil twin is,
In his brother's noble eyes,
Only misguided.

The Borders of Infinity
A hero in bed,
His new plastic arms in casts,
Still defeats a plot.

Mirror Dance
Look in the mirror,
And you shall not see yourself.
Look into your heart.

To forget is pain,
To remember agony.
Remembrance gives joy.

When heart is hardened
In sorrow and slow anguish,
Can new love be found?

A Civil Campaign
Seeking, he lost her,
She who read his blooded seal,
And after caught him.

Winterfair Gifts
Despite claws, poison,
And the closing fangs of time,
Do not fear to love.

Diplomatic Immunity
A diplomat, though
Not immune from war and plague,
Contains a war plague.

Dreamweaver's Dilemma
Even early work
By a notable author
Repays attention.

The Spirit Ring
True love is not made
Truly by magical rings,
Only by true hearts.

The Curse of Chalion
Hero in horrors,
Mule driven by a goddess,
Till the wheel's next turn.

Paladin of Souls
A heart, to be healed,
And to taste again of joy,
Must first dare to want.

The Hallowed Hunt
Wolf and leopardess,
Are the ancient rites unclean?
This wolf serves the Law.

The Sharing Knife (Beguilement and Legacy)
Knives to share a death,
A knife grants a child refuge;
Two to share their lives.

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