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A series of Internet guides created by Michael Bernardi

Guide to Pegasus Mail Addons List
Version: 2.5.0 [07 Jul 07]
This document is for those who need to use PMAIL in a slightly non standard environment. ie NOT just in Native Netware, MHS or via Mercury or Charon. It attempts to list every program that can be used with any of the current versions of Pegasus Mail.

DOS Applications for Internet Use
Version: 2.5.4 [10 Oct 10]
This is a list of DOS application which can be used to get information from the Internet. It is for those people who can't or won't use Windows or Linux. It is was originally designed for users of Demon Internet Services, however it should be useful to users of other systems too.

DOS Networking HOWTO
Version: 2.0.9 [10 Oct 10]
Part of the FreeDOS documentation Project, it provides a history of DOS networking, and information on how to get a network to work under DOS.

DOS-Meta FAQ: Useful information for DOS users
Version: 2.3.2 [04 April 04]
This is not a FAQ, it is a META FAQ, i.e. it is a list of pointers to sources of information about DOS.
It too was originally aimed at Demon Internet users, but should be of interest to other DOS users.

HOWTO-install-Pegasus for use with Demon, MS-DOS version
Version: 2.0 [30 December 02]
This explains what extra software needs to be installed to allow Pegasus Mail to be used with the Demon (DIS) front end to the MSDOS suite of Internet programs.

The Demon Internet Services - Meta FAQ
Version: 5.0.0 [30 December 03]
This is NOT a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - with Answers). It is a META-FAQ ie a place to point you to the FAQs and other information and was created with help from other Demon users. It is primarily for users of Demon Internet Services, particularly new users (or those changing computer and/or operating system). However it may be useful to users of other systems too. It has not had any major revision for a number of years. The list one just to change the references to this page.

Pegasus Mail Links
Updated: 05 May 05
There are a number of Web sites around the world which have material which would be useful, to users of David Harris's Pegasus Mail program. This page attemps to link to as many of these as possible! Additional suggestions are welcome.

The Dendarii Nexus - Webmaster Link Page
Updated: 05 May 05
Links to sites with useful material for webmasters, including some helpful software. I have used all of these at one time or another. This is becoming a useful resource!

The Liaden Universe - Chronological Time Line
Updated: 10 October 10
This list all the stories currently published, set in the Liaden Universe. They are made up of both novels and shorter fiction written by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.

The Guide to Pegasus Mail Addons List is reasonably long and may take a few seconds to load. It should be emphasised that the content is mostly text!

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