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What is filk? It is the folk songs of SF fandom. Some filksongs put new words to old tunes. Others are totally original. I hope to either host or link to every filk, connected to Lois McMaster Bujold on the Net. A losing battle but....

If you have written any Bujold Filk please let me know, and I will add it here or link to the appropriate web page. Details of all the authors can be found here, with contact information where know. No email or web addresses appear anywhere else on the Filk Archive, to try to reduce the risk of SPAM.

"Characters and situations from her books used by permission of Lois McMaster Bujold."


The first complete MP3 of a Bujold filk, is Maureen O'Brien's Barrayaran Roses, a copy can be found at The MP3 Archive.

Maureen O'Brien has a vast collection of filk links including some excellent Bujold filk songs. Including her own Barrayaran Roses, Cordelia's Blues, Defenestrate, Dendarii Temporaries, Elena's Song, Empress Laisa, On the Road to Vorkosigan Vashnoi, The Siege of Silver Moon, Small Lady. Also the less polished Barrayaran Girls, Dendarii Recruiters

Echos Children have also written a number of Bujold filks which can be found at and mp3 samples can be found at Callie Hills site. Specifically, "Mark's Song", "How It Is Applied", "Butterbug Blues", "Alys' Lullaby" and "Two Falls Out of Three". "Quaddie Ballet".

Tom Smith has produced an album "Plugged" which includes "Falling Free". The lyrics can be found on his webpage, the album can be obtained from Tom direct, and the track can be downloaded as an MP3 for a small charge.

Mark A Mandel has "Mark's Jingle" and "Enrique's Lament", and Eric's and his "Count Vorvlaceslav" at his Bujold filk page. (All these can be found here too). Mark has now added to this his " A Civil Campaign Suite", which includes Ivan's Grumble, Ekaterin's Complaint, Enrique's Lament, Donna, Dono, Kareen's Resolution, Miles's Effervescence, Alys's Grand Levee and Mark's Jingle.
He has also more recently added This Road a Chalion filk and Winterfair Gifts.

Gary Ehrlich has written "In The Council" and "Vor Party".

Joy Whitlock wrote Redemption (Bothari's Song) at GaFilk 2002, with an original tune by Dave Rood.

Rob Wynne did " Team Koudelka Girls" sometime ago.

The excellent and award winning Bill Sutton has the Bujold filk Vor.

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